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How is Northside College Prep funded?
A: Northside receives a set amount from Chicago Public Schools for each student enrolled in the school. This amount was approximately $4,500 per student for the 2016-17 school year. The per pupil allocation is used entirely to fund teaching positions, and in fact falls short of covering all needed staff positions at the school. Because the per pupil amount must be allocated entirely to teaching positions, student fees are used to pay for textbooks, supplies, technology and athletic expenses. While it is impossible to make up the CPS funding deficit through fundraising, parent and community contributions are critical to maintaining Northside’s standard of excellence.

Does Northside get more money because it is a Selective Enrollment school?
A: No. Northside receives the same per-pupil allocation as any other CPS high school. In fact, Northside receives significantly less funding than other CPS high schools because it is not eligible for additional federal and state poverty funding that other schools receive.

How do I make a contribution to Friends of Northside?
A: Donations to Friends of Northside can be made through the “Donate” page of this website. Donations are accepted throughout the year.

Can I make a donation now and another donation later?
A: Absolutely! Donors can make single payments or multiple payments over the course of the school year. We accept and appreciate all donations.

How can my company and/or employer help Friends of Northside?
A: Some companies offer matching programs where they will “match” funds donated to non-profit organizations. Ask your employer whether your company has such a program. If your company is in a position to donate goods or services such as paper or printing, we also are grateful for such “in-kind” donations. Please contact any Friends board member if your company might have goods or services to donate.

Who belongs to Friends of Northside?
A: All Northside parents are automatically members of Friends of Northside.

How can I get involved in Friends of Northside?
A: Friends of Northside has a board of parent volunteers and a teacher representative that coordinates all of its fundraising activities. There are currently openings on the board, no experience necessary. If you are interested in joining the board, contact Nancy Liljedahl or come to the next board meeting. All meetings are open to Northside parents.

If I don’t join the Friends board, can I still get involved in Friends?
A: Yes. You are welcome to help during any of our events. There are many different opportunities with which you can volunteer or help on a committee such as the Annual Appeal, Open House, or the Cubby Walk. For instance, we can always use additional callers on the evenings that we make telephone calls for the Annual Appeal. We also need chaperones for dances and the Cubby Walk every year. There are many different ways to help us support the school.